M.FA Lighting Design Studio

In collaboration in Michael Thai and Adrian Carvajal

Faculty: Craig BerneckerJason Neches  & Amer Maleh

Our lighting design concept this, two-level, 20,000 sq. ft.,  HQ sited in the Meat-packing district of Manhattan, New York was prompt by Lego's energy-efficient initiatives in production. 

Our schematic plans communicate an open, inviting layout that fosters collaboration and increased transparency of the brand. On the first level, you immediately experience the special program interactive space. 

Second level is primarily occupied by the employees of Lego. It consists of two open-workspaces, a break-out meeting space, conference room, break room, and an executive office space.  Our office and work spaces utilize a lighting system that adapts to daylight. As the day shifts to evening, the lights adapt. 

Our total energy saved is 17% compared to recommended LPD's for commercial spaces. 

We designed Modular Luminous LEGO Play-stations as the central element of our special program space, these modular play-stations are equipped with 2 T-5's  provide ambient lighting. [ full-scale mockup below ] 


Exploded Lighting Diagram