NYCHA Fulton Houses Chelsea, Manhattan, New York

In collaboration with Al Dani Dhafar

Faculty: Andy Bernheimer & David Leven

This project examines New York City approach to public housing as it relates to urban form, policy, and gentrification.

Central to this studio wast the focus and attention to the needs of the urban dwelling in this new or renewed approach to housing the underprivileged and underrepresented. Post-Bloomberg, various initiatives and projects will arise in New York that will lead to new ways of revising architecture in the face of these new environmental and social parameters. 

As we integrated concepts addressing adaptation, dwelling, public program, and daylight, we were also able to focus our architecture as it relates to the site, its surrounding context, solar path, and daylighting pattern using process models. The LivingFIT concept we've created allows for a variety of active programs based on the 5 areas of fitness in every aspect from the units to every level throughout the architecture. The architecture allows for fitness program to act as the core. Fitness amenities live on every level from training studios on the ground level to the running track on the roof-top. 

Study Models

Unit Strategy