Re-thinking Grocery: Healthscape

M.Arch + M. FA Lighting Design

In collaboration with Elena Mangigian and Abeer Alawality

Faculty: Derek Porter and David Leven

Our studio considered the critical interrelationships of sustenance, nutrition and wellness within the larger context of habitation and neighborhood to inform design solutions for a food and health center. As we define this expanded GROCERY concept, at a highly charged urban walkway site in the Bellevue Hospital Center area of Manhattan, the architecture and lighting design will work together to activate this conception. 

As grocery stores transition from massive suburban colossi of 60,000 sf to smaller enclosures, especially in the city where space is a premium, and Bodegas are disappearing in New York under development pressure, the smaller scale place to purchase food represents a moment to rethink the ritual and the architecture surrounding food.

Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 6.43.47 PM.png