Thanks for reaching out to the ProjectID design team for your bespoke wooden cards. This questionnaire is the foundation upon which we visualize, explore new directions, and contextualize approaches for conceiving your design. Designs are discussed, developed and refined into the final product through an iterative 5-stage process. Once initial design is approved a  retainer fee is required to receive final design and begin production. Lead times are within 2weeks from approval of the final design. The projectID team will contact within 24hrs of submitting your order. Feel free to contact us anytime.

Creatively Yours, 

Jimmie Drummond, Project Lead

H. Alex Sanchez, Project Manager

Emmanuel Oni, Project Manager

Design Questionnaire 

Start your card order by submitting a design questionnaire.

General Information

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Master Chef, Yoga Instructor, Media Specialist, Event Planner, etc.
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If necessary for card design.
Athletes, Restaurant guests, Cosmetic clients, etc.
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Perfered Wood Type
All selected wood thicknesses are 1/32". We fabricate 100% authentic wood stock. Our custom coating and finish option offer limitless color combinations and possibilities. Cost varies by the type of wood starting, rates start at $3.50 per card.
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Cards are only available in the quantities listed below. For order more than 100ct. please contact us directly.
If not, OF COURSE we'll design your logo! If you already have a logo, we will contact shortly for a hi-res file of the image.
"I heard through my friend, _______ and I loved their cards!"
This is your opportunity to describe a vision for your design, add a link to a few images for inspiration, or simply reply, "nope, I can't wait to see your awesome design!"