Phonm Penh, Cambodia

Faculty Advisor: Brian McGrath
In collaboration with Hayley Reiter.


The Vann Molyvann Project’s mission is three-fold:

  • To fill the gap in the historical record by surveying Vann Molyvann’s remaining buildings and generating a database of measured drawings.
  • To raise the profile of Vann Molyvann’s work and improve the likelihood of its preservation through exhibition and publication, actively reaching out to broad Cambodian and international audiences.
  • To foster collaboration between young Cambodian and foreign architects, students, and researchers, connecting them to this extraordinary example of Cambodia’s modern heritage, and providing the basis for educational materials of ongoing value in Cambodia and elsewhere.

The last three decades have altered the state of The Pasteur Institute significantly. With  none of Vann Moly-vann’s drawings to guide us, and little to nothing known about the history of the building, we had to rely on what was in front of us, and accounts from the Khmer people who call it home. The Pasteur Institute is a relic of New Khmer Architecture and Vann Molyvann’s work but the building as its stands today also tells the history of these families.